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Studying System

Studying System

A statement of the total tuition and laboratory fees

Tuition fees and laboratory fees

Presidential Decree No. 311 of 1994 amending some provisions of the executive regulations of the Universities Organization Law. And it is replaced by the texts of Articles 65 and 271 (items 4 and 2 of the first, the first paragraph of the second, and items one and three of the sixth).

Article 65: With the exception of the original certificates of academic degrees and diplomas that are granted after collecting the stamp fee, a fee of five pounds is imposed on the provisional certificate that is issued from the records, to prove obtaining the academic degree or diploma, and a fee of fifty pounds is imposed on the certificate that is issued according to the records, including Data on educational status and aspects of activity, all after collecting the stamp fee, and allocating the proceeds of this fee for educational services.