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About the Administration

The university provides distinguished services to the international students, such as facilitating registration procedures, paying tuition fees, providing medical services to students, in addition to providing distinguished housing. Or a BA for students at this stage or in the new programs that are distinguished by their offering, in addition to the availability of all postgraduate programs in all disciplines.




Receiving the papers of international students and notifying the university faculties to take the procedures for their enrollment in the frame of what is required by university regulations and decisions and the decisions regulating that.

2- Create special records for the enrollment of international students in the university faculties in the bachelor’s stages, including adequate data on the status of enrollment and examination results.

3- Maintain adequate statistical data about international students, their nationalities, the colleges they are enrolled in, their majors, and the university fees paid by them.

4- Follow up the academic status of these students and notify the concerned authorities of the decisions issued in their regard.

5-Notifying the faculties about the decisions issued regarding international students and responding to the faculties’ inquiries.

7- The foreign student submits the tuition fee payment receipt to be paid by the Arab African Bank, and the payment receipt is brought to the administration, and the administration delivers the original receipt to the Special Funds Department and keeps a copy of the files




Director of the International Student Welfare Unit: Dr. Yasser Refaat

Director of the Expatriates Department for Education and Student Affairs: Mrs. Randa Gad Al-Rub Farghali

Responsible for expatriates for postgraduate studies: Ms. Abeer Shouq Anwar