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Admission Rules

1-The paper of students wishing to register for postgraduate studies (diploma / master’s / doctorate) are submitted to the colleges and institutes where they are required to continue their studies, so that the last date for receiving these papers to the ministry is what is announced on the university’s news and events website. Any applications received after this date will be postponed to the following year


2- Any International student can’t be accepted to join any of the Egyptian universities and institutes, under any of the terms of nomination, amendment or re-nomination…etc.) ,without referring to the Ministry, in accordance with the admission rules, especially since all the technical procedures for admission are carried out through the General Administration of Acceptance and Granting of International Students in the Ministry in coordination with the concerned authorities in this regard, in order to ensure that the candidates fulfill the admission requirements and to achieve the principle of equal opportunities and in the interest of students and the regularity of the educational process, knowing that the admission of any foreign students outside this framework is considered null and void.