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general administration services for libraries

training university library staff on all technical operations-

Egyptian Knowledge Bank (

 The Egyptian Knowledge Bank is one of the largest digital libraries that contain many sources of information of interest to the faculty, researchers and students of the university in various disciplines.

Unified Catalog ( )

University libraries provide a search service in the Unified Catalog through the Federation of Egyptian Universities Libraries ( to beneficiaries free of charge, as well as help and train new beneficiaries on how to use the automatic index in libraries.

It is a service provided to all users of university libraries within the framework permitted by the Intellectual Property Rights Law, in exchange for a symbolic fee per paper


setting administrative policy and technical methods for working in university libraries and following up on their implementation.

Work on the follow-up and implementation of the plans and strategies set by the university by its affiliated departments.

Developing a policy to provide university libraries with the necessary books, references and periodicals, and coordinating their use

implementation of plans for purchases, gifting and exchange of information sources with local and international scientific bodies and organizations to provide collections and necessary sources of information for faculty members, researchers and students.

And follow-up the technical supervision of the workers in the university libraries and follow-up their work.

Supervising the organization of training courses for employees and proposing their nomination for training on the latest developments in the field of libraries and information services in order to facilitate and assist researchers and students to obtain information resources in the shortest time and least effort.

Supervising the inventory of university libraries’ holdings, approving the results of the library’s inventory records, and approving the deduction of the deficit within the limits of the percentage prescribed in the regulations.

Continuous follow-up of the monthly and annual statistics of visitors to the university libraries

Library goals:

Serve researchers, university faculty members (working / full-time), their assistants, and postgraduate students.

 Acquire general and specialized references and provide reference and information services to beneficiaries.

 Support the educational process at the university.

 Provide guidance services and introducing visitors to how to search for sources of information (paper / electronic).

 Availability of electronic services on global databases through the digital library or knowledge bank