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Conference Committee

General administration services for postgraduate studies

First: The services provided by the administration.

Supervising the affairs of scientific publishing in the university and its faculties and implementing the policy drawn up in this regard.

Supervising the affairs of the university’s libraries and colleges and proposing a plan to provide them with books, references and periodicals.

Suggesting the organization of scientific conferences, seminars and public lectures at the university.

Managing the affairs of foreign scientific and cultural relations.Supervising the affairs of students in postgraduate studies and proposing rules governing the transfer and transfer of their enrollment.

Adopting the formation of judging committees on theses submitted for masters and doctoral degrees.

Studying the reports of the colleges and the recommendations of their scientific conferences regarding postgraduate studies and scientific research before submitting them to the Graduate Studies and Research Council.

Suggesting what is appropriate to provide the necessary equipment and materials for postgraduate studies and research, and to achieve cooperation between colleges in this field, in particular organizing the use of rare equipment