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Supervision of the University Theses

Authorities to designate Thesis Supervisors

1- Department Council

      A proposal to appoint supervisors for Theses (paragraph 11 of Article 55 of Law 49 of 1972).

2- Graduate Studies and Research Committee of the Faculty

     “Tacit authority” Paragraph 8, 7, 2, 1 of Article 29 of the executive regulations of the Universities Organization Law

3 Faculty Council

(Paragraph 19) of Article 41 of Law 49 of 1972)

It stipulates that the faculty Council has the authority to approve the registration of postgraduate students, the registration of master’s and doctoral theses, the appointment of committees to judge theses, and the cancellation of registration

Article (98) of the executive regulations of Law No. 49 of 1972 regarding the organization of universities stipulates

     The faculty Council, based on the proposal of the concerned department council, appoints a professor to supervise the preparation of the thesis. The council may entrust the supervision of the thesis to one of the assistant professors. There may be multiple supervisors from the staff members or others. In this case, the lecturer may participate in the supervision.

     In the event that the student conducts research outside the university, it is permissible, with the approval of the faculty Council, to participate in the supervision of a specialist in the area in which the research is being conducted

Article 99 of the executive regulations stipulates that

     University presidents and their deputies may solely supervise masters and doctoral theses if the registration is in the university in which they work. If the registration is in another university, they and the Secretary of the Supreme Council of Universities may participate in the supervision, and their supervision or participation in the supervision of the theses that were registered under their supervision before they took office may continue

Article 100 of the executive regulations states that

In the event that the thesis supervisor is seconded outside the university, he submits to the faculty Council a report on the extent to which the student has reached in preparing the thesis, and in light of that, the council appoints someone to replace him or join him in supervision.

The Council of Postgraduate Studies and Research agreed, in its session held on 9/14/2015, to stress the necessity of adhering to Article 100 of the executive regulations of the Universities Organization Law No. 49 of 1972, provided that the report of supervising the theses submitted by the seconded staff member is submitted, each case separately, to the relevant department council .The seconded member is not allowed to supervise the these that were recorded during his secondment period.

The University Council decided in its session (49) held in 9/27/1999 to allow the addition of a fourth supervisor in the same specialization if he was a foreigner

 The University Council, in its session No. (112) in 9/28/2016, approved the on proposal of the Graduate Studies Council in 9/25/2016 to raise the quorum of supervising master’s and doctoral theses to fifteen, with the exclusion of foreign students from the quorum