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Vision & Mission and Objective


 The university libraries should be modern libraries that keep pace with developments in information technology and its implications on information sources that meet the needs of beneficiaries and fulfill their educational aspirations, as well as contribute to the development and service of society


 The General Administration of Libraries seeks to provide high-quality information services to support the educational and research process in the university and the community, through the libraries’ advanced systems, distinguished human resources, and meaningful local and international partnerships.

  1. Work to advance the educational process and support the scientific research of the university.
  2. Automation of administrative work in the General Administration of Libraries and the Central Library
  3. Digitization of all technical operations of the holdings of the central library and college libraries.
  4. Train the workers in university college libraries on how to perform technical operations for library holdings and developing their practical skills.
  5. Train staff members, researchers and students on how to obtain and cite sources of information from the Egyptian Knowledge Bank and international databases.
  6. Market the services provided by university libraries and the capabilities they have through social media.

Market of new donated and purchased holdings that are received in all university libraries