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The first Graded Students

This section contains the title page, the appreciation, acknowledgment and dedication page, the jury page, and the table of contents.

Title Page

This page contains the following:

The full title of the message.

The full name of the student.

The advanced academic degree.The name of the college and university to which the research was submitted.Supervisor’s name and academic degree (and assistant supervisor, if any).

Month and year of submission.

The title should be written with one space between the lines, and it should be brief and descriptive of what the message contains, while avoiding the use of words such as study, research, analysis ……. In the title, because the thesis in itself is research, extrapolation and analysis, and the arbitrators have the right to amend the title of the thesis.   Acknowledgment

On this page, thanks and appreciation must be given to the supervision committee, the institution in which the research was conducted, the party or parties that contributed to the financing of the research and study, and everyone who contributed to facilitating the researcher’s task, whether they were individuals or institutions.

Committee Decision

This page contains the names of the professors who discussed the student’s thesis and their degrees.

 Table of Contents

This page contains a list of the contents of the letter, including the chapters, chapters, main and sub-headings that appeared in the body of the letter (as it appeared within the letter) and the pages in which it was mentioned.

 List of Tables

Contains a list of the titles of the tables and the pages in which they appear.

Index of Figures List

Contains a list of the titles of the figures and the pages in which they appeared.

Index of Abbreviations

List of Abbreviations

Contains a list of all abbreviations used in the message.

 List of Symbols

Contains a list of all the symbols used in writing the message and their meanings.