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1- Obtaining the Egyptian high school certificate or its equivalent or the diploma (a certificate obtained by the student after studying two years after high school) with success in the qualifying subjects and meeting the minimum requirements for admission to the college or institute to be enrolled in.

2- The admission of any of the international students to any university or institute shall not be considered until after the approval of their acceptance has been issued by the Ministry.


How to apply

1- Applications for admission are submitted through the international information network through the website of the international student coordination system or accessing the same link through the website of the Cultural Affairs and Missions Sector in the Ministry .

2- It must be taken into account uploading clear copies of the following papers on the website of the international student coordination system

– (Secondary certificate or diploma – a certificate of abilities shall be added for the Saudi high school) The student’s passport is valid



Information form – printed from the website)

– (Students of Egyptian mothers must upload proof of this) – Student’s birth certificate – National ID card (for his mother)

3- Students, children of Egyptian mothers, have to clarify this when registering the data.

4- Amending the student’s data or desires remains available unless the (choice) is pressed to save final.

5- The registration is considered canceled for those who submitted more than one time or submitted incorrect or incomplete data or documents



. 6- The date of the results will be announced later on the sector’s website.

7 After the appearance of the initial result, which will be notified to the student through his own account on the website of the international student coordination system, the nomination is not considered final and is not implemented until after the student submits directly the original documents that include: secondary school certificate (*) birth certificate, copy of passport (6) ) Personal photos – the result of the aptitude test (for colleges that require this test) – taking into account that the submission of these papers is as follows:

A- Students of Egyptian certificates (high school of all kinds (general – technical – technical diplomas): they apply directly to the General Administration for acceptance.

Students ‘of Egyptian mothers who have equivalent certificates: they apply directly to the General Administration of accepting and granting international students at the Ministry, with proof that the mother is Egyptian.

C- Students nominated through the embassies: they apply to the embassies of their country in Cairo, to take over the completion of the procedures with the General Administration of accepting and granting the international students in the Ministry.

8- Faculties whose admission requires taking an aptitude test, the student must apply to the faculty directly to find out the dates and perform the test

– Students wishing to take the exam of the central competition for graduates of technical diplomas (3, 5 years) must apply to Cairo University directly.

10 – For students of items (8, 9) they must have previously applied through the aforementioned website.

11- For old students (who are already enrolled in Egyptian universities and institutes in the academic year 2017/2018 and earlier, who wish to undergo re-nomination or registration / transfer / transfer of registration – they must submit their applications directly to the General Administration for Acceptance and granting of International Students at the Ministry starting from 1/7/2018 Until 12/31/2018


.Applying through the website is a free service – from the beginning of the student’s progress until he is notified of the initial acceptance through his account on the site

Acceptance of Malaysian students is limited to the following six universities (Cairo / Ain Shams / Alexandria / Tanta / Mansoura / Zagazig) according to what was agreed upon in this regard.

– As for the equivalent certificate, it must be certified by the Egyptian embassy in the country from which the student obtained his certificate or the embassy of the country from which he obtained the certificate – in Egypt

Dealing with the student himself or his first-degree relatives (father/mother/brother/sister) or a representative of his country’s embassy in Cairo is limited.

Sohag University grants graduate students from the Arab countries degrees (diploma / master’s / doctorate) from the various faculties of the university (Arts / Education / Science / Commerce / Human Medicine / Agriculture) in accordance with the rules, conditions and procedures stipulated by the internal regulations of the colleges as well as decisions The University and the Supreme Council of Universities.