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Fees for practical and theoretical faculties

The University Council, held on 7/31/2018, approved the increase in tuition fees as follows:

Increasing the value of the Solidarity Fund assistance by 5 pounds (nine and a half pounds only).

Collecting an amount of 100 pounds (one hundred pounds) for electronic services fees.

In addition to the above, an amount of 300 pounds (three hundred pounds only) is collected for general diploma students, the one-year system, in return for activating the system of broadcasting lectures for distance education.

According to the Prime Minister’s Decree No. (2523) for the year 2017 AD, Article No. (335) and to which it states: It is permissible, by the decision of the University Council, to determine a percentage of the university’s income sources to support student unions, as is obtained from all Egyptian and expatriate students enrolled in the bachelor’s and licentiate levels

(General Division – Regularity – Affiliation – Division of Study in English – Division of Study in French – Distinguished and non-traditional or new programs – Blended e-learning) and postgraduate students in all colleges and institutes subject to the provisions of the law organizing the aforementioned universities with an annual subscription of 3% of the total expenses The annual tuition fees for a student at a minimum of 20 pounds are added to the amounts required to be paid in exchange for services and social, cultural, sports, artistic and other activities in the light of what the councils of student unions propose, provided that the allocated amounts are distributed as follows:

70% for the Union of Colleges or Institutes Students

30% for the University Student Union

These amounts may not be exempted.

Grievance fees from the result of postgraduate studies

The University Council decided in its session No. (135) on 7/31/2018 to approve:

– Collecting an amount of 150 pounds for each course the student wishes to monitor his grades, and an amount of 200 pounds for looking at the theoretical answer sheet, the practical and oral degrees, and the year’s work in detail, in order to raise the university’s resources.

Tuition fee refund

It is disbursed to teaching assistants and assistant teachers enrolled outside the university after the approval of the dean of the college and the president of the university to enroll

Full fees are spent throughout the study period


A request from the researcher, signed by the dean of the college, to agree to refund tuition fees.

The original payment receipts signed by the Secretary of the Faculty behind the receipt and stamped with the seal of the faculty affiliated to it at Sohag University.

A certificate of enrollment or statement from the college in which he is registered outside the university outside the university stamped with the seal of the eagle showing the degree, the value of the fees and the year of payment.

– Statement of job status indicating the date of appointment (these fees are paid as of the date of appointment and do not look back before the date of appointment)

Acknowledgment after disbursement by.

Copy of the card (national number)