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 Library intellectual property rights

 Library intellectual property rights

 1- When benefiting from any work, the author’s rights must be preserved by putting the name and the publishing house

 2- It is not permissible to copy no more than 10% of the work at one time, provided that it is used for the purpose of teaching and scientific research.

 3- The use of counterfeit copies of the computer program is prohibited.

 4– It is prohibited to place all illustrated books on the shelves of the library except for the purpose of preserving the original copies.

 5- When making use of a picture, graph, or succession of the work, the name of the author and the publishing house must be placed under the picture or graph.

 The systematic structure of the sector:

 Prof Dr Anees Mohamed Sheeha, a vice president of the University for research and post graduate studies affairs.

The employees of the post graduate studies affairs.

1-Mr. Ali Mohamed Abd el-Aziz Abu el-Raay-the manager of the research financing authority

Mob: 01126743407

Internal tel: 2409

2-Mr. Wael Iylyaa Youssef-the manager of the graduate authority

Mob: 01226225993

Tel: 240