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Library services

providing a quiet and equipped place for learning, training and research for university students, researchers and STAFF members through the large reading hall, the automated research hall, the study hall and the training hall.

The library provides beneficiaries with the external loan service of books with multiple copies for staff members, supporting staff and students, in accordance with the libraries regulations.

Providing electronic books and references for frequent visitors, through searching in international databases and the Egyptian Knowledge Bank.

Conducting questionnaires for students to find out their needs, strengths and weaknesses in the library, and suggestions for its development.

Second: Research Services:

 Providing the electronic search service for the library’s holdings and other university libraries through the Egyptian Universities Libraries Association website, taking into account the rules of intellectual property protection.

Conducting workshops for STAFF members, their assistants and students in faculties for training on how to register on the Egyptian Knowledge Bank website and search on the global databases provided by the bank through its four gates.

Providing educational courses for researchers on the latest technical programs used in scientific research, such as the EndNote reference management program.

Training the library staff on all technical operations manually and automatically to develop their level of performance.

Library entry guidelines

The commitment of the gentlemen who visit the library to wear masks and adhere to social distancing.

Not to enter the central library without showing the university student ID card.

Personal bags must be placed in the place designated for them, without leaving any personal belongings inside (gold – phone – money – laptop). The library is not responsible for the loss of any belongings.

It is forbidden to enter the library with any textbooks except in the study room.

Remaining calm inside the library and preventing gatherings by students and group talk, as well as preventing the use of mobile phones inside the library in order to provide the appropriate atmosphere for study and reading.

No smoking and no food or drink inside the library.

It is forbidden to use ink pens and markers inside the books in the library.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the place because it is the title of your personality and throwing trash in the trash bin and not throwing it on the ground or leaving it on the tables.

Preserving the furniture and equipment in the library and not writing, engraving or engraving on the library furniture.

Preserving the library’s holdings such as books, reference materials, periodicals, etc.

Visitors must seek the help of the librarian to facilitate the search, access what they want, and follow the instructions and directives issued by them, as they are there to serve you.

Books should be left on tables and not returned to shelves.

Computers are used for study and research purposes only